We are in the process of updating our pricing. This will make Lifester more powerful and affordable no matter which plan you choose. 

Free: Cost $0.  Free users will soon be able to join for free with one click if they have a Google account. Alternatively, they can sign up with any email and password. Free users get their own Lifester page they can personalize, with their own cover image, profile image and business information. They can create unlimited posts, reply to other producers' posts, like posts and repost. Free users can also join Projects and create Projects, but get limited storage (1 GB), and cannot invite others to their own Projects.

Pro: Cost $29/mo/user.  Pro users get everything that Free users receive, plus additional storage (2GB), and the ability to invite others to their Projects. They can also make their Discussion Projects public by posting links on their Personal posting page and other social media accounts. This allows other producers to read about their projects in posts, and then drill down further to learn more by joining the projects that are the subject of the posts.

Team: Cost $79/mo/user.  Team users get everything that Pro users receive, plus additional storage (5GB), and the ability to create a Team.  Each Team user receives a unique code that can be given to a prospective team member. Any producer also having a Team membership can use the code to join the Team. Team members share a common team posting page that aggregates, categorizes and indexes posts. Team members also share a dedicate live team chat space, for 24x7 communication, file sharing and task assignment. For no additional cost, team members may join or form multiple teams. 

For more information, please see the Pricing guide on the Lifester site by clicking here:

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