Once you've created an account, even a free account, your personal posting page will become your default log in page. This is known as your Lifester Page. It has a unique URL that you should bookmark. You can change the cover and profile image, and otherwise personalize this page to make it your own. It will look something like this:

To post, just click on the "Post" button. Enter a short post with links and hashtags if you like. You can also link to a particular Discussion Project that you are trying to promote. If you choose not to use hashtags at the end of your post, add up to five tags separated by commas in the tag line below the edit box instead. Tags or hashtags are used in the same way -- to index your posts and categorize them. 

If you have entered your the user information for your other social media accounts in Account Settings, your Lifester post can automatically post to other popular social media profiles such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram for maximum exposure without any additional work.

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