You can embed an Excel chart, table, spreadsheet or any Office document into your Project by using the Insert Field control. First decide where you would like the document to be inserted. Then click on the the "+" sign to open up the Insert Field dialogue box. 

Select Upload File and choose a size for the image to appear. Then click the Add button. You will be prompted to select the file from your hard drive. Three small files will fit side-by-side in one Project pane. Two medium files will fit side-by-side in the pane. And one large file will fill up the entire pane. Only the first page of the file will be displayed. So if you have a multi-page document, you may need to break it into multiple documents, and upload them separately.

Keep in mind that these are only thumbnail images. Team members will have the option to view larger images and download the files to their computer for more careful analysis. 

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